Proprietary Website Monetization Solution That Makes Your Site Work Better

Increase Viewability

Improve User Experience

Modernize Your Stack

Eliminate Roadblocks Preventing Your Site from Reaching its Monetization Potential

You're not making as much ad revenue from your site as you could be. Our proprietary software optimizes your site's ability to deliver ads in a way that's future-proof, so you make more money.


Our proprietary identity resolution solution frees you from reliance on third-party cookies and ever-changing technology.

Better User Experience

When ads and page content load faster users enjoy visiting your site more. They stay longer and return more frequently.

Increased Viewability

One of the most important metrics for advertisers. Increase the value your inventory offers to buyers with 70%-90% viewability.

Remove Middlemen

You'll have the ability to bypass middlemen networks whenever direct-buyer relationships are preferred.

Faster Load Times

Our ultra-low-latency SSP serves ads to your users faster than any you've seen while allowing publisher content to load faster.


Real-time reporting and detailed ad slot data allow you to see how buyers are accessing your inventory.

Site Security

Protection against traffic fraud and malware is fully integrated so you can rest easy knowing your site and visitors are safe.


Compatible with all aspects of Prebid, while advancing your site's potential even further.

Bidder Density

Hundreds of networks, agencies, and direct buyers can be included in every auction without reducing speed or efficiency.

Optimize Your Site & Make
More Money


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We'll do a thorough audit of your site's ad revenue optimization and show you how our software can help you reach your goals.


See the Difference

Once the framework has been implemented on your site, you'll see the difference right away.


Enjoy Increased Revenue

You can rest assured that your site is bringing in more money.

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Website Monetization Software Birthed From Experience

Our optimization framework is the culmination of decades of data engineering and advertising platform development, and it improves your site's performance for both visitors and advertisers.

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Our team of in-house developers and engineers has decades of experience in advertising software and technology solutions.


Request an Audit

We'll do a thorough audit of your site's ad revenue optimization and show you how our software can help you reach your site monetization goals.

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At Datablocks, we know you want to be happy with how much money you're bringing in from the ads on your website. To do that, you need to optimize the ad delivery and user experience, but it's frustrating if you don't know what's needed to make that happen. We believe powerful solutions should be available to all publishers, not just those backed by big-tech partners. We understand how frustrating it is to know you're missing out on potential revenue and not know how to fix it. So, we developed a proprietary ad monetization platform that optimizes ad delivery and future-proofs your site so you can make more money.