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Datablocks is a Publisher monetization solution focused on removing inefficiencies that are currently embedded in online advertising.
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A publisher monetization solution focused on removing inefficiencies which have resulted from years of publisher reliance on legacy requirements and antiquated technologies.

Derived from our extensive server-side experience, this most recent offering represents the culmination of 15 years of advertising platform development and focuses on the many ways in which modern-day ad serving can be optimized.

  • Ultra-low latency SSP
  • Integrated Ad Mediation
  • Prebid-compatible
  • Real-time reporting
  • Detailed individual ad slot data
  • Stats on every impression from every bidder
  • Powerful insight into all programmatic buying
  • Integrated protection against fraud and malware

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About Us

Staff image

John Mayor


Over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur and programmer has allowed John to achieve great success, by contributing a high level of value and forward thinking ingenuity to his team, and to their ever growing network of clients.

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Paul Crookham

COO, VP of Sales

With a strong background in customer relations, management, and sales, Paul strives to advance long-term partnerships with existing and future clients. Integrity and honesty are priorities, while building our team, and building our business.

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Jesse Richardson

Sales / Account Manager

An innate ability to develop long lasting relationships, by using an honest and earnest approach, is one of Jesse’s strong suits. Helping customers grow their net profits, by tapping into to the immense value offered through our products and services is his main focus.

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Henry Tang


Data Engineering and Server-side development are Henry's expertise. He takes great pride in his work, while working diligently to improve and maintain the reliability of our cutting edge products.

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Warren Gay

Senior Software Developer

In addition to being a bestselling author, Warren has been programming professionally for almost forty years. He has also written many popular Internet-based Linux packages, and is the team's senior back-end programmer.

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Jon Apgar

Lead Front-End Developer

Jon brings many years of knowledge and experience to the team, as he guides the development of all client facing portions of our products. He also manages the crucial aspects of interfacing, which are required between the front and back-ends of our platforms.

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Nicolas Vitaterna

Front-End Developer

Dedicated to the development and efficiency of our user interfaces, Nick is passionate about his work. He brings a considerable amount of experience from his past, while always having fresh ideas for the future, which improve our products and benefit our clients.

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Ricky Rosales

Front-End Developer

With almost 15 years of experience as a front-end web and mobile developer, Ricky brings valuable technical, and artistic design skills to the team. His efforts focus on testing, improving, and upgrading our primary user interfaces.

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Andy Dion

Software Engineer / Developer

Bringing a valuable set of troubleshooting, and software skills to the team, Andy has considerable experience developing and deploying real time, web, mobile and industrial software solutions. He is also deeply invested in cutting edge AI technology.

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Nicole Christian

Office Administrator

As the hub of our office wheel, Nicole keeps the day-to-day operations running smoothly, while providing excellent customer support, and a professional approach to everything she works on.

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Over the past 15 years Datablocks has strategically partnered with key clients, allowing us to evolve into a powerful and insightful position within our industry. We are well positioned to handle your company's ever changing needs, and are eager to help the entire industry become more transparent, while providing more value to the end user.

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