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Version5 reimagined, retooled, and remastered

The all new Version5 Platform represents a culmination of over 15 years of online advertising platform building experience. Taking several years to develop, this highly anticipated release provides an exceptionally modular and versatile solution, allowing for many different uses, under multiple business models.

Pulling from our extensive experience, we have gone to great lengths making certain that every design detail has been examined, and every process optimized from previous versions. Starting with the easy to learn, easy to use control panel, through to the adserver's exceptionally powerful back-end processing, this new platform excels in every way.

  • Fully API based front end
  • RTB / XML capable
  • CPM / CPC pricing
  • Highly refined targeting capabilities
  • Industry leading low latency, in software, hardware, and network
  • Optimized stats tables and graphs, allowing for higher productivity
  • ZeroClickFraud suite of tools, fully built in for powerful traffic assessment and filtering
  • All new Scout demand-side analyzer, fully built in for protection against malware
  • Intelligent alert system, to notify of changes to traffic flow, revenue, etc.
  • Fully white label, with extensive branding capabilities

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Scout Intelligent, Powerful Protection

Leveraging decades of engineering experience in the online advertising space, Datablocks is proud to have created Scout. A uniquely powerful product, designed to protect Publishers and their website visitors by automatically identifying and filtering malicious URLs from advertising networks.

Intelligent: Scout works like an undercover detective, entering sites unnoticed, as it very carefully observes, and manually intercepts each and every piece of communication. It's powerful design allows Scout to visually inspect a multitude of elements with careful detail, which allows it to recognize logos, icons, and even words hidden within images. The identifiers collected by Scout are also used to predict potential future uses, even if the elements did not "attack" Scout during the current visit.

Powerful: Thanks to very capable, dedicated hardware, and leading edge software which has been highly optimized and designed for speed, Scout can continuously scan website after website. It uses real, full-featured web browsers to accomplish what humans couldn't, hour after hour, day after day. Scout does this analysis in real-time, looking for a wide range of threats, such as browser exploits, phishing, crypto-mining and privacy violations, to name a few. Finally, questionable characteristics are also compared to crowd-sourced blacklists, as well as third party services to even further identify previously suspected scammers and techniques.
Safe: Scout's unique sandboxed environment allows you to safely analyze and interact with potentially malicious websites without ever exposing yourself, your machine, or your network to threats.
Helpful: We have worked hard to develop a service that allows publishers to verify the quality, and safety of the sites that they link their visitors to. While the majority of advertisers simply want to sell their products, or deliver engaging content, some unfortunately have very malicious intentions. Publishers often attempt to verify the quality of links used while monetizing their sites, but with bad players seeming to always be a step ahead of current solutions, and two steps ahead of the law, a revolutionary product like Scout was needed.
We help Publishers ensure that malicious links do not to appear on their sites, while protecting the public, and weeding out the bad apples from this ever growing industry.

ZeroClickFraud The next generation of defense

With the phenomenal growth of online advertising over the past decade, new methods of fraudulent traffic sources have increased proportionately. From its inception, Datablocks has identified and tested every form of traffic conceivable, and is using this experience, combined with vast amounts of data, plus our visionary drive, to create an industry leading neural network based product, that "learns" as it goes.

The ZeroClickFraud system can be utilized in a variety of ways, ranging from pre screening of search queries, to in-depth analysis of clicks and further actions. Our active testing methods, and management of potential website visitors, both during and after the click, places ZeroClickFraud well ahead of the curve.

  • Active, real-time decisions, based on a multitude of both default, and customizable factors.
  • Neural Network based, with "Adaptive Learning Technology" at the software's core
  • Scalable to billions of fully analyzed clicks per day
  • Very user friendly front end, including comprehensive real-time statistics and visualizations
  • Capacity for client designed modules to be easily incorporated into the system
  • Pre-click, and Post-click filtering, with in-depth data analysis available

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AdCenter Solutions for Direct Advertisers

With the mainstreaming of New Media Marketing, demands for online advertising placements have grown exponentially. In response to this industry growth, anticipating our clients needs, Datablocks expanded its product offerings to include a cutting-edge bid engine, allowing networks, agencies, and search marketers alike to connect with any ad distribution network.

The AdCenter increases value to any search marketer's businesses through the creation of their own source of premium ad inventory, ultimately building stronger direct advertiser and publisher relationships. The easy to use interface and exceptional support staff make setup painless and quick. Our users are then empowered to create, price, and distribute campaigns to their intended audiences using the AdCenter's expansive targeting tools.

  • Ability to run text ads, banner, flash, html
  • CPC & CPM pricing models
  • Budgeting down to the Campaign/Ad Group layer
  • Ability to run hundreds of thousands of campaigns, across millions of keywords
  • Changes in the front end go live within 5 minutes, making testing, optimizing, and troubleshooting much more efficient than competitors!

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PPC Platform Proven, reliable, trusted

Datablocks prides itself on its exceptional ability to provide effective solutions for clients and fostering long-term professional relationships. With this in mind, we set out to create the fastest and most efficient ad-serving platform on the market. Our PPC Platform is constantly scrutinized and improved to meet evolving industry standards and client demands, and our world-class support team is there to assist every step of the way.

The PPC Platform offers a turn-key, white-label solution for ad-networks, with a highly intuitive user interface. It was developed to be fully scalable, while handling massive amount of ad-serving volume, with virtually no traffic limitations. While merging expansive reporting metrics, with easy to use optimization, and industry leading fraud detection and filtering technologies, we provide clients with the instruments needed to maximize their distribution and revenue potential.

  • No limits on the allowed number of feeds, subID's, publisher sources, etc.
  • No eCPM clipping, or other intrusive bid manipulation
  • Built in Direct Advertiser support to facilitate and integrate direct demand partners
  • Robust architecture can easily handle billions of queries per day
  • Run Of Network, or keyword targeted campaigns
  • White/Black listing of subID's, keywords, domains, IP's, and advertisers
  • SubID Grouping feature, to better isolate and optimize
  • Our clients can add, and map new feeds themselves in under 5 min.
  • Daily auto-fetching, and importing of 3rd party feed stats

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Over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur and programmer has allowed John to achieve great success by contributing a high level of value and forward thinking ingenuity to his team and their quickly growing network of clients.

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With a strong background in sales, management, and customer support, Paul strives to advance long-term partnerships with both existing and future clients.

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As the hub of our office wheel, Nicole keeps the day-to-day operations running smoothly, while providing excellent customer support, and a professional approach to everything she works on.

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In addition to being a bestselling author, Warren has been programming professionally since 1980. He has also written many popular Internet-based Linux packages, and is the team's core back-end programmer.

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Jon brings years of knowledge and experience to the team, as he heads up development of all client facing portions of our platforms. He also manages all interfacing between the front and back-ends of our platforms.

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Systems Analyst

Henry brings many years of experience, in both platform and API development to the team, while working hard to improve and maintain the reliability of our cutting edge products.

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Contributing to the development and efficiency of our platform control panels, Nick is passionate about his work, and brings a considerable amount of experience and fresh ideas to the Datablocks team.

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With over 10 years of experience as a front-end web and mobile developer, Ricky brings valuable technical, and artistic design skills to the team, focusing his efforts on improving and upgrading our user interfaces.

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Andy brings a valuable set of software and troubleshooting skills to the team, having considerable experience developing and deploying real time, web, mobile and industrial software solutions.

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Mike brings over 20 years of design experience to the team coupled with an artistic flair and an eye for usability. Among other things, Mike has helped build content systems for national sports teams and studio management software for professional artists.

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